Spyder Club Annual Winter Party

February 6th, 2017

Photo-04-02-2017-11-56-48-1-263x350The 2017 Spyder Club event calendar has been kicked off as usual with our annual Winter Party.


As ever, we started our day with a visit somewhere special and on Saturday morning, we all turned up at the Williams F1 facility for a tour of the Sir Frank William’s Museum


Wow, what a collection of cars.  In the majority F1 race cars, championship and race winning cars and a stunning hoard of memorabilia.Photo-04-02-2017-12-54-19-263x350

There where other non-F1 vehicles too, including the Renault Laguna British Touring Championship car and a MG Metro rally car, I always loved the 6R4, but apparently that doesn’t warrant a go.



As usual after we’d been mesmerised by the carbon fibre, the weight, or lack thereof, of an F1 race wheel and tyre, the cost of a steering wheel and the space drivers sit in, we enjoyed lunch and a Batak challenge in the trophy room, I came second, again!


It was a great visit to Williams and Simon our guide was hugely knowledgeable and very passionate, it’s well worth a visit.


Then we headed to the hotel for some rugby, watching it I mean, not members trying to tackle us to the ground to book the new bikes first!  Then a few beers, accompanied by our resident ivory tinkler; the room is full behind him, honest.


Then dinner and drinks and a really good night.


We’d like to thank all who joined us, members and their partners, those who came as non-members to see what Spyder Club is like and have since joined.   Spyder Club just keeps getting better and better and it’s events like these and the support we get that makes it so…


We have an Open Day fast approaching for those who need another club fix or any potential members wanting to come and see what we do.  Join us on Saturday 18th March, until then, Spyders.