Spyder Motorcycles Business Leasing

Spyder Motorcycles Corporate and Business Leasing

Spyder Motorcycles Lease service offers businesses the opportunity to benefit from the tax allowances associated with a corporate lease.

Spyder Motorcycles Lease also has benefits for those wishing to join a salary sacrifice scheme through their employer.

Business Lease Service:

• Self Employed, Partnerships, Ltd Companies & PLCs
• Single or multiple units, new or used
• Lessee owns bike at the end of the lease
• No deposit up to 5-year periods, can be upgraded
• Unlimited add-ons, maintenance, accessories, branding, tracking
• 1st year insurance can be added
• No mileage restrictions/condition requirements
• Electric charging points can be leased

Business Lease Benefits:

• 0% or low initial payment increasing clients cash flow
• Does not affect client’s credit lines or banking facilities
• Tax relief on net lease payments
• Client can upgrade their bike during lease
• Flexible options to keep or upgrade at end of lease
• VAT reclaimed on lease payments
• 0% or low benefit in kind tax at the end of the lease dependent on vehicle use

Salary Sacrifice Option:

• Company takes out lease on a bike for a staff member
• Staff member has monthly lease payment deducted from gross salary resulting in NI savings for company
• Staff member can potentially save on lease payment through tax and national insurance savings (dependent on personal tax bracket and motorbike use)
• Insurance partner able to provide staff member personal insurance for a company owned vehicle
• Staff member can upgrade or receive bike at end of lease depending on the agreement with their employer

Spyder Motorcycles offers scooter and motorcycle leases from Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Piaggio, Vespa and Yamaha, with further manufacturers coming soon.

All businesses can benefit from a motorcycle or scooter for business use, including but not limited to training schools, couriers, food delivery, parcel companies.

To get an idea of how much a business motorcycle lease will cost you through Spyder Motorcycles use the example calculator provided on the Apply Now button below.  For a motorbike specific quote please email us now.