Spyder Club's FAQ'S
  • What happens to any unused days or miles at the end of my membership?

    Members can carry over 50% of any unused days or miles to their next membership as long as they re-join within two weeks of their membership ending.

  • What is the insurance excess on the road bikes?

    The insurance excess on the road bikes starts from £750 up to £1,500 depending on your riding experience and your length of time as a member. Your excess will be confirmed when upon joining Spyder Club. This amount is only payable if the damage matches or exceeds this amount, if the bike can be repaired for less, then that is the sum that will be charged. General wear and tear will not be charged for; the bikes are here to be ridden!

  • Do I pay for anything else once I have paid my membership fee?

    The only extra costs for members include fuel and speeding or parking fines. Also, any repair or damage costs up to the value of the insurance excess.

  • Can I take a bike abroad

    Yes, the bikes can be taken anywhere within the EU for an additional fee of £50 for a VE103, £50 for European breakdown cover (or you can use your own if you have it) and with prior permission from Spyder Club.

  • Can I take a bike on track?

    Bikes can be taken on track with prior permission from Spyder Club, however the bikes are not insured whilst on track and you would be liable for all additional tyre wear and for damage up to the full value of the bike.

  • What are the times for the bike hire periods?

    A weekend runs from Friday to Monday, however bikes are delivered on Thursday and picked up on Monday.
    The midweek hire period runs from Tuesday to Thursday, however bikes are delivered on Monday and picked up on Thursday. Bikes can now be picked up and returned to our Silverstone base.

  • When does membership finish?

    Membership ends one year after it commences or whenever you have run out of days or miles. Membership can be renewed or upgraded at any time.

  • Can I take a pillion passenger?

    Yes, all Spyder Club members are fully comprehensively insured for themselves and their pillion passengers.

  • Is it possible to have a bike delivered?

    Yes, bikes can be delivered as part of your membership if you chose the membership option which includes delivery. Alternatively, bikes can be picked up and returned to our Silverstone base.

  • How do I book a bike?

    Bookings can be taken by phone or email. We require at least two working days’ notice for bike bookings.

  • How can I pay?

    Spyder Club accepts all major credit and debit cards and personal cheques. There is a 2.5% processing fee for credit cards.

  • Can I pay by monthly installments?

    Yes, you can pay by monthly direct debit on a date to suit you, there is a 10% administration fee for this option.

  • Are all the best bikes always booked out? Is bike availability good?

    Spyder Club have an online booking system which is run on a rolling monthly calendar so all members have an equal opportunity to book within that period. Furthermore, we have set our bike to member ratio at 1 bike: 5 members to try to ensure good availability, therefore the more members, the more bikes at Spyder Club!

    Also each membership level has the opportunity to advance book a number of times within their year's membership:

    Level 1 has 4 advance bookings
    Level 2 has 3 advance bookings
    Level 3 has 2 advance bookings

    Inevitably there may be times when a particular bike is not available but we will do our best to ensure a suitable alternative is provided.

  • What are Spyder Club's membership criteria?

    Applicants must: be aged between 30 and 70 years of age; have no more than six points on their licence; have held their full motorbike licence for at least two years and have no more than one fault accident in the last three years.
    Membership may still be considered on an individual basis if not all of the above stipulations are met, please contact us for further information.

  • I have friends who would also like to join Spyder Club.

    A 10% discount is available for groups of three or more joining together. If you introduce a friend whilst a member then you will receive 10% off your next year's membership fee..

  • Can I share membership with a friend?

    Membership cannot be shared but there are discounts available for group joining or if you introduce a friend.

  • What are the mileage restrictions?

    You can ride as far as your mileage allowance lets you. If you find that you are using excessive miles or would like to discuss an increased mileage package, then please contact us.

  • Do Spyder Club members receive any other benefits?

    Members receive a 20% discount off all Spyder Club fly-ride trips and UK tours and events.

    Spyder Club have also negotiated many great deals for our members with our partners, please get in touch to find out more.

  • Can I join Spyder Club if I don't have a British motorbike licence?

    Foreign motorcycle licence holders are welcome to apply.