Motorcycle Training With California Superbike School

January 29th, 2014

I love riding my motorcycle, the sense of freedom, the challenge of a good road and the feelings generated when you get things right, bend after glorious bend! I’m comfortable with my riding too, I’m happy with my pace and ability for the majority of the time and certainly for the road!

As my job requires me to ride with others on a regular basis I am very aware of how bad riding can effect other road users around you and/or the group you are riding with, I like safe riding around me and on our bikes! Since the majority of our members and trip guests are riders we have got to know very well, we are now very careful of the money we take, spending time getting to know new customers and on occasions, assessing their riding so they fit in with our loyal customers and ultimately have a better time because of the requirements we put in place.

Regardless of the relationships we have with our customers and the fact we know they ride the Spyder Club fleet safely, it’s always good to hear they are having additional training. At our Winter Party on the 25th January we arranged for California Superbike School to run a classroom session with their simulator bike.

I don’t know about you but I’m not good at sitting still and doing so in a classroom is even harder! However we were all riveted to our for two and a half hours whilst General Manager, Badger and Chief Instructor, Gary took us through the benefits of body positioning on the bike and its effects on the motorcycle.

It was a taster of the CSS Level 1 day which you can do at Silverstone, Cadwell and Brands Hatch but it was a great way to spend a rainy, winters afternoon. As a result of the information gained and the professionalism behind it, 9 members are joining Spyder Lizzi on to the level 1 day on the 15th May, with the rest of them realising the potential to improve and planning to join me later in the year, if they are this good in the classroom, a day with them on the track as well will be brilliant!

Most of us bikers are too macho to need training, we know it all, but actually, the guys at CSS will quickly make you realise a day with them will make you a far more competent rider.

These are skills you can bring to the road, making the riding experience event better as my understanding of the bike and my ability on it will no doubt improve as a result, making me and you a safer, more confident rider, just the type we like at Spyder Club.

If you haven’t thought about it before then take a look now, Spyder Club members would highly recommend spending a day with California Superbike School, they also receive a 10% reduction as Spyder Club members too!