Spyder Club MV F3 800 Review

October 4th, 2013

We picked it up from Bennetts Motorcycles at the end of August, ran it in within a day and returned it to Bennetts to be serviced. It was then delivered to two members before being loaded into the back of the van and carted off to Provence and the Pyrenees for two fly-ride motorcycle trips and eight days of brilliant riding, but what do members think?

As the first to ride the F3 when running it in, I was very cautious of the 50 mph limits over the Peak District and because I’d had the fear of God put into me during a conversation about the police being after blood, not that I’m a dangerous rider I’ll quickly add! The Peak District offers great roads but they are spoilt by the restrictions that cause you to pay more attention to the speedo than the tarmac and the many restrictions seem unnecessary!

Regardless the bike just flew, turning into corners it felt so stable, confident enough to roll off the throttle a bit, position yourself and enter with little reduction in speed for all but the sharper bends (and of course when doing 50 mph!). It’s handling is first class and like the Aprilia RSV4 and Ducati 1199 Panigale, it looks small but there is plenty of room for 6ft 2 inches of rider and, for a sports bike, it’s comfortable!

We had a brief run out on it and the Ducati 848 as a comparison the following morning. The 848 has always been my favourite sports bike, usable power for the road, perfect balance and handling and a noise that brings a smile to the face every ride, it just fits! The F3 is a step up but then it’s many years on in development. I therefore can’t wait to ride the 899 as it’ll take the fight right to the F3 and hopefully retain some of the 848 character. Regardless the 848 was still my favourite that day, Lizzi on the other hand thought the MV F3 made her Triumph Street Triple feel slow through the twists!

It then headed to Nice for four days of blissful biking in one of my favourite areas to ride. Sports bikes are not for everyone and as the Spyder Club membership is creeping up the age range, we’ll be having a few less of them. Regardless the MV made it’s mark, complementing it’s riders, all of them enjoying it’s staggering ability and thrilling noise, very distinctive!

We then went from Nice to Barcelona to ride the Pyrenees with another group of Spyder Club guests who found the bike impressive. It’s so easy to ride, is immensely powerful for such a small motorcycle and only the very best riders will need more, but on track there is still plenty of potential for trouble on the F3 800!

In short, brilliant, there isn’t anything else like it, a real event, until the 899 arrives!?!