Farewell to the Isle of Man and a Superb TT!

June 11th, 2013

This was our first visit to the Isle of Man TT and what an experience. As we sail home leaving a drizzly IoM behind we have realised just how lucky we have been with the weather but also how beautiful the island is. Regardless of the rain and lack of racing over the last few days the island still draws you in, it’s an amazing place regardless of whether the TT is on.

But that’s why we went, to watch the likes of Michael Dunlop, John McGuinness, Cameron Donald, Bruce Anstey and Maria Costello light up the roads with unbelievable talent. And that’s what it is, incredible bike control through streets with buildings on either side and over mountain roads that are stunningly beautiful but lethal at 180 mph!

Having never been to the TT, I wasn’t sure whether the riders were insane or insanely brave. Neither, just bloody talented at riding their bikes through danger without making a mistake for the vast majority of the time. It’s an incredible sight to see, rider after rider appearing through a build up of screaming sound and then disappearing within the blink of an eye around a bend, leant over at extreme angles and staggering speeds.

We viewed the racing from many different places around the course and none of them failed to entertain. Whether sat on a wall inches away from a 150 mph motorcycle or just a few feet from riders braking from 180 mph to enter a bend on the mountain I don’t think we stopped smiling and gasping at the mind blowing sights and sounds before us!

It was of course fantastic to see Michael Dunlop take four wins during race week and whilst he didn’t complete the five, you can’t be upset with a John McGuinness victory in the Senior, 20 wins and still the King of the Mountain!

Our guests were also blessed with a Norton race tent tour, both groups got to chat with Head of Design, Simon Skinner who enlightened Spyder Club members with details of their fantastic motorcycles that delighted the crowds of the mountain course lap after lap. With their distinctive sound and silver bodywork glimmering in the sunlight everyone knew exactly what was next on the road, brilliant! With Ian Mackman also finishing 18th in the Superbike race and the bikes proving reliable and fast, their goals were met and I hope the doubters have been silenced.

As previously said in our last TT update, it wasn’t just the island that impressed but the friendliness of it’s inhabitants! Their delight at the event itself and eagerness to make sure their visitors enjoyed it too was fantastic. It was the icing on the TT cake and an event we’ll look forward to retuning to many, many times.