The BMW HP4, Ridden at Spyder Club

February 26th, 2013

It’s the most anticipated superbike of the year and it has arrived at Spyder Club in time to join us in Andalucia, southern Spain. It is still very much in it’s infancy with us, being run in and treated with the respect it deserves on British winter roads!

However it doesn’t take a motorcycling legend to establish the efficiency of this machine and the ability it possesses to cover ground very quickly. The engine pulls hard and whilst running it in limits you to 7,500 rpm, the straight line speed and acceleration is astonishing. With the limiter turned off triple figures will appear all too quickly, owners and Spyder Club members beware!

And the handling! The conditions haven’t enabled me to push the bike hard however even on the wet roads it feels planted, stable and predictable. The S1000RR Spyder Club owned in 2010 was an incredible bike through the twists, precise, smooth and efficient, you can guarantee the HP4 will put that same smile on your face but with the added character the RR needed, in my opinion!

I guess the next question is how will it perform on good roads and in good weather? We’ll find out next week in Spain at the same time as pitching it against the breathtaking Ducati 1199 Panigale for the ultimate superbike test of the year.

Fancy riding these two brilliant sports bikes along with a host of other desirable machines, join Spyder Club and you can!