Warm Motorcycle Clothes

February 19th, 2013

Winter riding can be the most challenging, not necessarily due to the roads being in a worse condition but because after a while you find yourself thinking about how cold you are rather than concentrating on what you are doing!

A good base layer can help keep the chills out for longer but they are often very expensive. Decathlon have a solution!

I, along with many others I know, love Decathlon. It’s a shop with everything the outdoor enthusiast wants and much of it competitively priced. We have been wearing their bargain basement ski base layers for a month and a bit and have found them to be excellent!

These mens and womens tops and bottoms are £5 a piece making them exceptional value for your money. The fluffy inside adds to your satisfaction and comfort and worn under a mid layer and GoreTex gear make winter riding a far less uncomfortable experience for a lot less money. So far the quality far out guns it’s price tag and because they are so cheap, you can have a different colour for each bike!!!

Take a look, well worth the fiver in our opinion! Decathlon Base Layers