Spyder Motorcycles Self-Guide Tour of the French Alps and Spanish Mountains

12 days

Spyder Motorcycles Self-Guide Tour

12 Days, 11 Nights

Spyder Motorcycles Self-Guide Tour of the French Alps and Spanish Mountains

Our European neighbours enjoy some of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the world. The French Alps, Pyrenees and Picos Mountains being some of the very best of them. And of course, the roads that run through them make for very entertaining riding, which is why us Brits head south every summer.

With Spyder Motorcycles self-guide tours, we do all the planning so you need to do nothing more than arrive at our Silverstone base, pick up your motorcycle with luggage, and follow the directions on the pre-programmed GPS.

It’s a simple hop on a ferry to cross the channel and then a day’s motorway riding. Once there, there are endless mountain passes to ride and breath taking scenery to behold.

With challenging mountain roads around every twist and turn, this is a trip for the motorcycle enthusiast who enjoys technical riding.

Starting from our Silverstone base and returning to the same location 12 days later, this circular tour includes two ferry crossings.

The French Alps and Provence and Spanish Pyrenees and Picos trip includes Col de I’Iseran, Col de la Madeleine, Col du Galibier, Col D’lzoard and Col de la Bonette. Part of the Route Napoleon and Mont Ventoux.

A day off in the Mediterranean port city of Sete on the south coast of France before heading to the Spanish Pyrenees and the N-260, finishing with a tour of the Picos Mountains. Ending in the city of Santander and a 23-hour ferry trip back to the Portsmouth, England.

12 days riding, 11 nights

Cost Includes:

Motorcycle hire, cost inc Triumph Tiger or similar with top box and panniers
Insurance for yourself and a pillion
EU travel pack and breakdown
Hotel accommodation (min. 3***) with breakfast
Route guide pack
GPS Satnav with routes
Ferry crossings

Cost of the trip:

From: £4,495 per person, single rider.
Costs can be reduced for groups, shared rooms, etc.

Day 1

Day One, Friday, Silverstone to Portsmouth, 115 miles.
Arriving at our Silverstone base for 16.00, we’ll have the bikes handovers done and you on your way for the over-night ferry by 17.00. On arrival to Portsmouth Ferry Terminal, there will be time to have dinner prior to do boarding the ferry. The ferry crossing is 8 hour, leaving at 22.45, arriving into Caen, France at 06.45.

Day 2

Day Two, Saturday, Caen to Macon, 415 miles.
Rolling off the ferry at 06.45, it’s a day for cracking on and getting big mileage done. It’s not the most exciting day with a lot of motorway miles, but has the option to finish one more interesting roads.

Day 3

Day Three, Sunday, Macon to Saint Michel de Maurienne, 275 miles.
The good stuff begins. With a bit of motorway to begin, the terrain starts to change and with it, the roads a lot more fun. There are plenty of Alpine roads ahead of you as the route runs through many ski resorts including the famous Val-d’lsere in the Parc National de la Vanoise, including the Col de I’Iseran and Col de la Madeleine.

Day 4

Day Four, Monday, Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne to Saint-Julien-du-Verdon, 220 miles.
It’s more of the same and the reason we enjoy the French Alps so much, twisting mountain roads. Today starts with the Col du Galibier takes in the Col D’lzoard and Col de la Bonette.

Day 5

Day Five, Tuesday, Saint-Julien-du-Verdon to Seta, 240 miles.
It’s another great day in the saddle. Starting on the Route Napoleon before heading to the stunning Mont Ventoux where on a clear day, the views are staggering. It’s then a fast run to Seta and a day off.

Day 6

Day Six, Wednesday, Day Off, the day off can be changed for another overnight point en-route.

Day 7

Day Seven, Thursday, Sete to La Seu d’Urgell, Spain, 200 miles.
It’s another faster start to the day to get to get over the border and into Spain. Where the roads get very exciting again as the route makes its way into the Pyrenees Mountains.

Day 8

Day Eight, Friday, La Seu d’Urgell to Pamplona, 260 miles.
It’s another day in the beautiful Pyrenees Mountains, along the glorious N-260 and the option to speed a night in the historical city of Pamplona, famous for Running of the Bulls.

Day 9

Day Nine, Saturday, Pamplona to Potes, 240 miles.
Leaving Pamplona on quick roads to complete the distance between the Pyrenees and the Picos Mountains. Arriving into the historic town of Potes which is well worth a wander round.

Day 10

Day Ten, Sunday, Potes to Rianos, 220 miles.
The Picos is a famous Northern Spanish area with motorcyclists as its generally quiet roads are made for riding, and there’s a great day ahead of you.

Day 11

Day Eleven, Monday, Rianos to Santander, 150 miles.
Finishing off your time riding the Picos Mountains before jumping on to the motorway and heading to the port of Santander for the ferry home. With the ferry leaving at 15.15, and checking at 14.15, there will be plenty of time for kicking back with a beer and reminiscing during the crossing to Portsmouth.

Day 12

Day Twelve, Tuesday, Portsmouth to Silverstone, 115 miles.
Arriving into Portsmouth at 14.15 tides permitting, it’s a few hours back to Silverstone where the Spyder Motorcycles team will be waiting for your return and your tails from a great trip.

Cost does not include:

Entry fees
Motorcycle hire upgrades
Accommodation and ferry upgrades
Road tolls and fines
Pillion fees
Additional mileage
Costs associated with additional days off
Route amendments
Motorcycle parking
Lunch and dinner
Addn fee for non-UK/EU licence holders

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