James Toseland, 2 time WSB Champion on Spyder Club: ‘Spyder Club’s a great idea and the Yamaha R6 will be the perfect bike for members to ride on track.’

Niall Mackenzie, 3 times BSB Champion, 500cc GP racer on Spyder Club: ‘I had the the privilege of testing out Spyder Club’s Benelli Café Racer round the Donington GP Circuit and later on the nearby Leicestershire roads. I may have the dream job but I never tire of riding interesting motorcycles. The Benelli was superb but I know there are quite a few more special machines in the Spyder Club stable so I will definitely be back in the not too distant future.’

Paul S on September 2011 Alps Trip: ‘Thanks for organising such an enjoyable trip. This was the most fun I could possibly have in 4 days, even better than Le Mans. Hopefully, we’ll all have the chance to ride again on a future trip as we’re clearly well matched.’

Neil S on Scotland 2011: ‘Thank you for organising a fantastic trip, for me the best one so far – great range of bikes, roads, scenery and company, you even arranged perfect weather.’

Adam K on September 2011 Alps Trip: ‘thanks for a great trip! Great roads, great bikes, great organization, great company!’

Hubert dP on June 2011 Alps Trip: ‘Just a note to say a huge thank you for a fantastic trip to the Alps. You are both great and delightful hosts and your attention to detail made for a super relaxing and enjoyable time away. I am looking forward to booking the next trip and have my eyes on Spain in March.’

Dave K on membership: ‘Spyder Club has allowed me to ride some bikes I would normally never consider actually buying, meet some great people and have a whole lot of fun!’

‘Spyder Club gives you the flexibility to ride a multitude of top bikes, without the hassle of maintenance, depreciation, road tax and insurance costs. Spyder Club look after all of that for you and keep the bikes in tip-top condition so you can just hop on and ride. Spyder Club goes even further than most other bike/car hire services in that they deliver the bikes right to your door. No longer do you have to arrange your transport prior to getting your kicks!’

‘The Spyder Club open day in May 2010 gave me the taste for what’s on offer. That day I jumped on the brand new, 202 mph BMW S1000RR, a Ducati Hypermotard S and the brilliant Triumph Street Triple R. I was not only impressed by the experience of riding these fantastic bikes on some great roads, but also the warm welcome, personal service and friendly feel about the club that owners Mark and Lizzi work hard to provide. Spyder Club also runs a plethora of fantastic riding trips as well as the bike hire service, and the potential for some epic jaunts in some great locations is huge. The value for money that Mark and Lizzi provide is fantastic – in fact, just insuring one of these bikes annually must be close to the basic membership price! Give it a go, I guarantee you’ll be impressed!’

Paul S on the Spanish trip 2010: ‘I booked to go on Spyder Club’s Andalucian trip last February and it turned out to be a memorable and highly enjoyable adventure. I hadn’t ridden high performance bikes for a while but this didn’t matter as today’s superbikes are so capable, many having ABS and traction control. Spyder Club’s carefully researched routes took us through fantastic mountain scenery everyday on perfect roads that were almost empty. What a privilege compared with the overcrowded ‘nose-to-tail’ crawl we have to endure everyday in the UK. Mark and Lizzi were the perfect hosts at the villa after each hard day’s riding. I’m going back again and you should definitely add this to your ‘things to do before you die.’

Steve S on the Members Get Together 2011: ‘We both had a really great time with excellent food and company – what more could anyone want! I came along so that I could get to meet a few of the members but we both had a much better time than either of us were expecting and talked about it all the way home so thank you very much for that!’

‘I had originally thought that my Spyder Club membership would really be just for the bike hire but after the weekend the social side is certainly something that we are going to really enjoy so thank you both.’

‘You two and the rest of the members we met really are a very friendly bunch and we had a great time.’

David S on the September 2011 Alps Trip: ‘Still smiling today, had a great time, now how are you going to better that!’

Tom P on membership: ‘There is no doubt that spending a lot of time on bikes makes you a better rider. However, I also think that riding a lot of different bikes has helped progress my motorcycle riding. Over the last year I have really enjoyed riding thirteen Spyder Club bikes, as well as three other bikes which were supplied via Spyder Club dealer contacts. The variety has been fantastic, from cruisers to superbikes, and the result of such different experiences really improves one’s all round understanding of motorcycles and riding techniques. It also really helps to dispose of prejudices against certain types of bikes too. I used two Spyder Club track bikes on consecutive days at the California Superbike School (Silverstone) and benefitted from a 10% discount. I have rejoined for next year and I shall go on the trip to Spain again too. I think that all the good experiences from 2010 will help keep me in touch with the old masters over the mountain road to Ronda. Spyder Club has been a revelation for a young rider like me and I am pleased that I can now validly opine on many of the latest and greatest bikes and I have found the whole thing great value too. With thanks to Spyder Club 2010 was great fun. All these great experiences can be had for less than a year’s depreciation and maintenance on one new bike and you will be a quicker and safer rider.’

Adam K on the Scottish trip 2010: ‘The Scottish trip was excellent! We had two days of dry weather and fantastic roads. Each day was full on riding but brilliant fun. For me the highlights were the roads to and from Kyle of Lochalsh, and waking up on Sunday morning to look out over the sea to Skye, complete with misty mountains. Mind you, Glencoe was pretty special too, complete with friendly deer at our coffee stop.

As ever, Mark and Lizzi were the perfect hosts with everything sorted and organised – all we had to do was ride.’

Dave A and Leila on the Spanish tour 2010: ‘Very happy with routes, good mix of fast sweepers and tight twisties – BMW and Aprilia were favourites – effortless hooliganism! Thank you to Mark and Lizzi for making the trip so wonderful and accommodating individual needs.’

Dave N on membership: ‘I joined Spyder Club after reading about them in a magazine and because I thought it was a great idea. I don’t have my own bike, although I know most of the members do, so I joined at the top level to do all my riding with Spyder Club. The range of bikes is perfect for me as they had two Ducatis and an MV Agusta which have all been brilliant to ride. It’d be good to see something along the Bonnie lines in the future but otherwise I can’t fault the service Spyder Club offers.’

‘I spend a lot of time at Spyder Club and enjoy the friendly atmosphere Mark and Lizzi offer. Getting a discount off all my Moto GP tickets last year was another bonus! I’ve recommended Spyder Club to all my friends and can’t believe I’m riding top bikes for less money than the depreciation on one of them!’

John P on the Alpine trip 2010: ‘The Route Napoleon is by miles the best route I have ever been on and has everything for a sports bike and more, just unbeatable. The hotels were great – especially the Hotel Kreuz – the fillet steak and view from the balcony were worth the trip alone!’

‘The bikes were perfect – the RSV4 Factory has the best engine, the MV was amazing and difficult to fault. The Beemer was just so easy to ride and is still the best/quickest on most of the routes. Overall I would do it again next week! But what really made it so special was the great company and effort you put in.’

Steve M on the Scottish trip 2010: ‘I had a great time, the countryside was stunning and the roads brilliant! I look forward to doing it all again, and again, and again, and…’

Dan I on the Spanish trip 2010: ‘Routes were totally amazing – perfect in every way. Had a bit of everything, twisty, fast, sweeping. Favourite bikes…hmm…now let me think…1198S and Streetfighter!’

‘It’s been the best four days ever, see you next year (or before!)’

David S on membership: ‘Having been a member of Spyder Club for exactly a year I must say it’s been a really good experience. I am a Triumph man, currently owning a Sprint ST 1050 and a 955 Speed Triple, but I do like to ride other machines too.
There is only so much you can outlay on buying, insuring, maintaining, etc. So a club like this one makes perfect sense to me in my situation. It’s a good deal!
Whenever I’ve wanted a bike it’s always presented ready to ride and looking good. Mark and Lizzi are welcoming, chatty, informed and always ready to put the kettle on. What more could you ask?’

Sion E on the Spanish trip 2010: ’11 out of 10, there’s not many that can say they have ridden an 1198S, Streetfighter, RSV and the new BMW over a couple of days. Great weekend, can’t thank you enough.’

Graham Clarke, RMA Track Days Managing Director, Ex Porsche Racer on membership: ‘Spyder Club works for me because I like to ride different bikes but don’t want the hassle of ownership. I have my own bike but enjoy riding something a bit special from time to time. Add in the fact that I don’t have to worry about cleaning, maintaining or dealing with the insurance and deprecation costs and it all makes perfect sense!’

Adam K on membership: ‘I like Spyder Club for the ability to access a wide range of bikes whenever I want. I’m unlikely to own even one of the bikes (can’t really justify a sports bike for commuting) and my wife would NOT be keen on a garage full of them. At most I might own one of the club bikes and if you want to try another model it’s either a test ride (which is short at best) or you have to change your bike – if you don’t like the new one, too bad! You also lose money every time you change. The club offers me the chance to ride some amazing machines and experience the thrill of ownership without all the hassles of storage, maintenance and insurance.’

David S on the Alpine Trip 2010: ‘Spyder Club gets better and better! We rode from Milan to Nice over four wonderful days. The sun never stopped shining – great company, superb food, amazing roads and the best bikes in the world. The riding through the French and Swiss Alps was a real surprise, stunning scenery around every wonderful bend and a real mix of incredible roads.’

‘The hotels were all superb with great food and drink and very welcome at the end of a days biking, Davos in particular was really special and a definite place to head back to. The final day on the Route Napoleon to Nice – sit by the pool, couple of beers, evening meal on the sea front with champagne and fireworks! Thank you Spyder Club for a truly memorable trip – only problem is how do you top that!?’

Mick W on the Spanish trip 2010: ‘The stay was excellent and the accommodation very comfortable. Company was fantastic, hopefully made some good friends.’

‘I never had a bad bike experience! The most surprising for me was the Moto Guzzi Griso – a fantastic, fun bike. I am leaving feeling a little bit special, thanks to Mark and Lizzi for making it possible, Spyder Club is the way forward!’

Stuart Garner, CEO Norton Motorcycles on membership: ‘Spyder Club’s a great concept that allows me to ride road and track bikes when I want. The cost of membership and the convenience of having bikes at my leisure makes sense rather than having to deal with the maintenance and running costs myself. Spyder Club offers its members a great selection of road and track bikes at a fraction of the ownership costs, it’s also a place I feel the Norton Commando and brand will fit in perfectly!’

Steve M on the Spanish Trip 2010: ‘The Street Triple R is made for these roads, fantastic! Brakes were superb, handling awesome, engine just pulls and pulls. Second day was the best but that may have been down to the bike – did I mention how good the Street Triple was?!’

‘Mark and Lizzi are great hosts – thanks for looking after us so well. Can’t wait to come back again and again!’

Anthony Dunn, IWannaGoFaster.com Performance Track Driving Instructor and on membership: ‘Wow – what a great idea! Not only can I ride some of the sexiest bikes on the planet, but I can do so without worrying about the cost of insurance, servicing and depreciation, let alone the capital I would need to buy one in the first place. Cost wise, for those who want to ride through the year with variety and without hassles, this is really a “no-brainer”.
The bikes are mint and maintained in a way you would want if they were your own baby. And to add to that, these guys are the friendliest and most accommodating people you could wish to meet. I recommend the club highly to all my clients and friends.’

Dave N on the Spanish trip 2010: ‘Whilst the bikes were all great in different ways, and where one bike shone on a particular route the others were not far behind. The best all round bike for me was the RSV4.’

‘The routes were fantastic – to say this is the first year of such a trip, it’s difficult to see how it can get better. Well done Mark and Lizzi you have both done a sterling job.’

Dave S on the Welsh trip 2010: ‘The weekend in Wales was excellent. The hotels chosen were very good in all respects which is so important. There was a good atmosphere on Friday night even though many of the group had just met each other for the first time which was down to Mark and Lizzi’s approach and welcome to everyone. This was built on as the weekend progressed.’

‘The routes for both days had an excellent mixture of roads and scenery with opportunities for some fast and exhilarating riding. While there was a mixture of riding abilities no-one was ever under pressure to ride outside their ability levels.’

Neil S on the Spanish Trip 2010: ‘just spent part of the evening editing my video from Spain and remembered that I had a great time. Thank you once again!’

James G on membership: ‘After first spotting Spyder Club and subsequently joining, I have been excitedly looking forward to getting the chance to ride one of my dream bikes and one that I have always felt personifies beautiful Italian superbikes, the MV Agusta F4 1000 R312. Spyder Club make this bike hiring service feel like you’re borrowing the bike from a friend with their genuine interest in your enjoyment and providing the opportunity to ride their bikes.’

‘The club gives mere mortals such as myself the opportunity to ride and experience the most exciting and desirable bikes in the comfort that there won’t be the associated ‘exciting’ costs that go with owning and running these sort of bikes. The ability to take the different bikes out for long periods rather than the usual brief test ride also gives you the chance to really spend some time with it and discover whether the bike you’ve had as your screensaver for the last year is actually one that meets expectation. If it doesn’t, no matter, at least you haven’t just spent £15k+ purchasing it to find out.
I found a sunny day to take out this wonderful bike for a day’s ride in the Peak District, and two hundred miles later I had well and truly experienced my dream bike and can confirm that it is everything I hoped it would be and more. The biggest problem facing me now is which bike to take out next time, and where to take it.’

Francis M on the Spanish trip 2010 and membership: ‘All the routes were great; Streetfighter, RSV and 1198 were favourites but all had their place at different times on different roads. Perhaps that is how it should be – no favourite bike – a bike to suit different conditions on different days and different moods.’

‘Hence the beauty of Spyder Club – we don’t have to choose!’

Nick M on membership: ‘Spyder Club have really delivered on quality of service; it’s turned out to be much more than a pre-payment rental scheme, and as a club member I feel part of something rather special.

Mark and Lizzi have collected a b****y fantastic selection of bikes to grace the club’s garage, simply not enough good weather to give them a proper thrashing…yet!!’

Adam K on the Spanish trip 2010: ‘RSV4 and BMW are both brilliant superbikes for fast roads and twisty stuff. Street Triple and Streetfighter were also great – Griso just silly, so much fun!’

‘Can’t fault the routes at all, no dull bits so a great trip. I will be back next year for sure!’

Paul R on membership: ‘Spyder Club provides a range of exciting new bikes that are bang up to date and so allows a rider a varied experience that you could not otherwise achieve. It also offers exceptional value for money compared with multiple ownership. I joined so that I could experience new technology to compensate for my own bikes which range from a 1954 7R AJS to a 1985 RG500.

You could not wish to find a more friendly and helpful team, Spyder Club go far out their way to accommodate members requirements. The bikes which are invariably as new reflect a great range from which to choose.’

Phil and Karl on the Spanish trip 2010: ‘The best holiday I have ever been on! Where else do you get the chance to ride these bikes on these roads?’

Paul S on the Spanish Trip 2010: ‘Really enjoyed the stay and the informal atmosphere was just right. The sportsbikes suited me best with the BMW and 1198S favourites. A really great holiday.

Bike Reviews

Dave N on the Triumph Street Triple R: ‘The Triumph Street Triple R proves a firm ride with the suspension jolting you over the bumps in the road but this only provides a better feel to the bike. Although I much prefer a twin sports bike the Triumph offers plenty of grunt from its triple 675 engine and the handling is excellent. The ride is generally very good and the bike loves to be ridden fast through the bends, motorway stuff isn’t as fun but then when is it? All in all a brilliant bike but for me, I’d climb on the Daytona.’

Guy P on the 1198S: ‘The 1198S is just amazing. I rode it from Spyder Club’s Maidenhead base to Cornwall and back over a weekend and as well as being blessed with the weather, the 1198S made me feel like a GP rider. The bike complements your riding making you feel at ease the moment you place yourself in the seat. The engine is smooth but hugely powerful and with the traction control set at half I was pleased to feel it gently interrupt my riding every now and again. It’s an incredible bike that I look forward to riding again.’

David S on the Brutale: ‘Wow! That’s my first impression of the Brutale, just 650 miles on the clock and it rides like the proverbial. What will it be like when it has a few thousand miles clocked up? I think the engine is a real all rounder powerhouse; good torque low down and massive punch high up the rev range. I love my 955 Speed Triple – same concept I guess – but I’d be tempted to own one of these – although why bother when Spyder Club has one!’

‘The bike feels small and light, yet with immense power. It really holds the road too, feeling secure in bends because it’s so manoeuvrable, the manoeuvrability allowing a very tight u-turn at one point. I reommend you ride it soon, but beware, when you look down at the clock, the speed you are travelling at can be a bit of a shock!’

Guy P: ‘Thanks so much for the track day. The R6 felt really well set up and easy to ride – I’m just worried that my 848 won’t feel as accurate and stable when I take that on track again.’

‘I’m definitely going to give intermediates a try next time at Mallory. By the end of the day I was overtaking in three or four different points on the track and that’s not normally something I feel comfortable with doing. As I say, I hope it wasn’t all the R6!’

Martin S on the GSXR track bike: ‘The bike was great, perfect track bike and seemed really well set up.’