MOTO GUZZI V85 TT - Large 0
MOTO GUZZI V85 TT - Large 0
MOTO GUZZI V85 TT - Large 0

Moto Guzzi V85 TT Motorcycle Lease
motorcycle value from £9,500

Leasing from 4 to 12 Months

Insurance is not included, you can source your own or it can be provided through our insurance partners.

Motorcycles will come serviced, with sufficient tyre life for the first four months of your lease and manufacturer breakdown cover.

Lease Costs - 4 - 5 months
£694 per month

Lease Costs - 6 - 8 months
£599 per month

Lease Costs - 9 - 12 months
£504 per month

800 miles per month included within the lease fee – an additional 200 miles per month can be purchased for £25 per 100 miles or part thereof.

We have a range of helmets from AGV, Arai and MDS and riding clothing from RST, Wolf and Dainese available to purchase.

For further information about Spyder Motorcycle Leasing, or for specific requirements, terms and costs, please contact us.

*Early returns will be subject to a pro rata price amendment

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MOTO GUZZI V85 TT (2019)

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MOTO GUZZI V85 TT (2019)
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