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Spyder Leasing FAQs

  1. Leasing:
  2. Our short term leasing services are aimed at the rider wanting the experience of ownership without the long term commitment.  Whether you want a bike just for the summer or a more practical bike for the weather, Spyder Motorcycle Leasing can help.

  3. Terms:
  4. Leasing terms are initially available between 28 days and three months with payment options to either reduce the initial payment or your monthly outgoings.

  5. Mileage:
  6. There is an average of 650 miles per month of the lease term.  Additional mileage can be bought for 10p per mile at the start of the lease term or will be charged at 25p at the end of the lease term.

  7. Tyres and Maintenance:
  8. Spyder Motorcycle Leasing will take care of all manufacturer scheduled servicing.  Bikes will come with a new or nearly new set of tyres at the beginning of each term.  Thereafter tyres are the responsibility of the rider and bikes need to be returned with tyres well within the legal limit.

  9. Bikes Available:
  10. Spyder Motorcycle Leasing have a wide range of bikes available from Ducati, KTM, BMW and Triumph.  We may be able to source outside of this range if required, please call to find out.

  11. Insurance:
  12. Insurance is included in the leasing fee subject to status. If you can source your own fully comprehensive insurance to cover a short term lease, the online leasing fee will be reduced by 15%.

  13. Damage Deposit:
  14. A damage deposit will be retained for the duration of the term and 30 days thereafter. The deposit amount depends on the value of the motorbike.

  15. Motorcycle Delivery:
  16. Spyder Motorcycle Leasing offer a delivery and collection service. Quotes available on request.

  17. Breakdown:
  18. Breakdown cover is not included.

  19. European Travel:
  20. European travel is permitted, you will be provided with a VE103 form to comply with EU regulations.

  21. At the End of the Lease:
  22. At the end of the lease term the bike must be returned to us in good condition with only age/riding related wear and tear.  Any damage will either need to be repaired by an authorised dealer prior to return or Spyder Motorcycle Leasing will repair the bike and you will be charged accordingly.